Saturday, August 13, 2011

'I'll be taking care of you tonight'

Scott and I had dinner at Side Street Cafe last night.  It was really tasty and we had a great time.  We had the lighter fare meals so we'd have room for dessert.  Oh, dessert, you are the best part of a meal!

But the best dessert was that our server responded to, "Thank you," with, "You're welcome."

I'm afraid I'm turning curmudgeonly and I'm not sure I mind.  I'm sick to fucking death of these young people and their, "Not a problem," in response to, "Thank you."

My thanking you is a sign that I'm trying to exhibit polite gratitude for your services.  It doesn't suggest or indicate in the slightest that there was or has been a problem. The only problem in this situation is that the person saying, "Not a problem," is a total fucking moron.

Everyone should follow our server's lead here.  He's a shining example.  So shining, that I had to tell him how much I appreciated it, kind of like a nutjob.

I have to admit that I'll tolerate a, "No problem."  Something about, "Not a problem," hurts me somewhere inside.

On a related note, remember when the server used to come to your table and say, "My name is Amber and I'll be your server tonight?"  Somehow that turned into, "My name is Amber and I'll be taking care of you tonight."

Taking care of me?  Really?  What are you going to change my fucking diaper?

Who will tell the young people?  Certainly not me.  No one even reads blogs anymore.

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Hi, remember me?

What's happening?
Well, as you know, The Count and I were joined together in unholy matrimony, just like we said we would be. It was so amazing and powerful to be surrounded by our friend and family who love us. Look at some pictures, would you?
All these people at work who I hardly know can't stop asking me about how married life is treating me. "How's married life?" "How's married life treatin' ya?" "How's the old ball-and-chain?"
No one has actually said the ball-and-chain one. I just exaggerated for effect. Is that wrong?
Married life is exactly like our life before we got married, only now we have to remember to put on rings and call each other husband/wife/spouse.
Redbook promised that getting married would make us feel closer, but I don't think it has. We were already inseperable! Of course, Redbook promised this a long time ago. My elderly aunt who used to give me a subscription to Redbook for Christmas no longer provides me the luxury, so I have no idea what they're saying these days.
(As an aside, the lack of Redbook in my life also means I have no idea what disease I have that my doctor doesn't know about. Somehow I'm managing just fine.)
I find what has brought us closer is dealing with my family. I love those nutjobs, but they sure drive me -- nay, us -- to drink. Only water, so we're not hurting ourselves. We are more hydrated than we've ever been.
And happy. God, are we ever happy. And surrounded by love. We're the luckiest two people this world has ever seen.

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