Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Executive decision made; alert the media

People keep asking me if I'm going to change my name after Scott and I get hitched. I've really labored over this decision.

I love the idea of having a family name. Even though we don't plan to make one, that really appeals to me. But I don't like the idea of changing my name.

"Why not change your name? It's your father's name, not your name," said a moron to me. I have to differ on this. Sure, it's my father's name, but it's been my name for my whole life and that counts for something. Also, the historic significance of taking a husband's name having to do with the transference of property from father to husband really rankles me. Scott will not own me. He has already won me, but that's separate.

I've toyed with the idea of hyphenating my name secretly on my private documents (license, tax forms, social security card, etc.) and keeping it the same for work and comedy. That seems like a pain.

Ultimately, I've decided to stay Jennifer Myszkowski. It's my name. And I haven't worn it out.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Godless heathenism + Easter = springtime Thanksgiving

I've been a godless heathen for about 15 years. One thing that's kind of blowing my mind right now is how many people celebrate Easter - and assume I do too. I really feel assailed by it.

And even though it's not my holiday, I still have to attend an Easter dinner with my family.

What to do?

This morning I was reading through Facebook and spied a post by my pal Bill Bradley wherein he declared his gratitude for the people and good things in his life. And I thought, "That's the ticket!"

Starting today, I am now thinking of Easter as springtime Thanksgiving. Here are a few things I'm grateful for this springtime Thanksgiving:

  • The Count - We met five years ago in May. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm so glad we're getting hitched in June.

  • My family - Sometimes they drive me up a wall, but I love them and am grateful to have them.

  • Scott's family - One of the benefits of marrying my one true love is that his family gets to be my family too. When I was having my girlhood imaginations of in-laws, I couldn't have imagined people so lovely, loving and kind.

  • Our friends - We've assembled such a lovely group of people to love and love us. We are uncommonly blessed.

  • That everything is going to work out just fine - I had a minor meltdown a couple days ago over the wedding planning, but I know everything is going to work out just fine and that no matter what happens at our wedding, we're going to leave it married and that's the whole point.

  • Health - I've written extensively on this blog about plantar fasciitis. I've been over it for a couple years now and I can walk for fun and fitness again like I used to. Not being in near-constant pain has been such a glorious, glorious gift.

  • My job - I had two goals when I took my corporate-America job nearly five years ago: 1) save for retirement and 2) buy a house. I started saving for our golden years immediately upon hire. Two years in, we bought our house. It's a huge bonus that I love my job and my colleagues so much. It hardly even feels like work most days.

  • Our house, in particular, our newly renovated kitchen - Cooking food in a space intended for that purpose is so much better than the situation we had here before. I nearly forgot how much I love getting my bake on. We're living the good life!

Happy springtime Thanksgiving to all!

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