Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Present - card = ?

People showered us with gifts at our housewarming party. I was stunned by the generous outpouring.

Despite a few gifts and cards getting mixed up, I was mostly able to match the gift with the giver. Several gifts came without cards at all, and, thanks entirely to my wits, I was able to sherlock my way into thanking the right party. I wrote the last thank-you notes tonight, which means the whole bunch can finally be set free. But.


I've got two gifts for which I cannot track down a giver. 1) Cactus shaped serving tray. According to the picture on the box, we should be using it to serve tortilla chips. It comes with a little bowl for dip and two spice mixes for making salsa or guac. 2) Lavendar bath salts in a little decorative metal holder.

If you or someone like you gave such gifts as these to us on the day of our housewarming, please do me the giantest favor and drop a dime so that I can send a proper thank-you note. We're trying to have a society here.

Thanks, and with love, your friend,
-Jennifer Myszkowski

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