Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This just in

We got a counter-offer from the seller today. We don't like it. Now we're going to make a counter-offer.

This stuff is really maddening and complicated and it's making me anxious. Last weekend when I was overtired and anxious at the same time, I nearly came undone. In fact, if you count Saturday afternoon when I was prepping for our games night with Scott's work nerds, I actually came undone. I cried and cried about what a terrible person I am.

When I told Bex at lunch on Monday about how I spent Saturday afternoon crying about being a terrible person, she actually laughed out loud. "You're a terrible person?!" she exclaimed. "That's so funny, Jennifer Myszkowski!"

Well, it wasn't funny when I was crying out loud about it, but I guess it's funny in retrospect.

We've recently made new friends with a couple. Being in a couple means you make friends with people in couples. Couples culture is really weird. That's a story for another day.

Anyway, one member of the couple is a mortgage specialist, so I consulted with her about the mortgage I got approved for, and her bank has a mortgage "product" that I qualify for that has a WAY lower interest rate.

I don't think in math. At all. And now I'm having conversations with various people that are basically all about the math of making the money I have stretch into a bunch of different things. It actually makes my brain hurt.

The beauty part is that I have no qualms about saying, "I have no idea what you just said to me." When I was younger, I had a hard time admitting total incomprehension. Now I just don't care if people think I'm a moron. Sometimes when the people are talking to me in math, I have to actually cover my eyes and listen just to the words to try to make myself understand.

I regret how things have gone with math and me. I was so good at it in junior high. I was so full of promise. God damn you, honors algebra 2! See! That's how good I was. My teacher recommended me for honors algebra 2. Alas, it was my math downfall, despite staying after school two and three times a week for extra help. I just couldn't recover.

We're consulting tomorrow morning with our realtor about our counter-offer. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted. Obviously.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, the path to home-ownership is rarely smooth. Frustrating to have a counter-offer, though--esp. in this market!

It's just hard to not get emotional about it, this I know. But if your realtor is worth her commission, she'll help you through this.

And there is always the chance that your inspection will unearth things that will give you leverage for a lower price as well.

Wishing you a happy resolution!

March 20, 2008 at 11:51 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

The girl who works in mortgages sounds really hot! Congratulations on your soon-to-be-new-home!!! And say, is that the same ann podolske who has a Tony Little Gazelle? ha ha ha!!!!!!

March 20, 2008 at 3:11 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Myszkowski said...

Poor Ann Podolske has really taken my outing her as a Tony Little Gazelle owning person hard, and no matter how many times I admit to having bought Richard Simmons's Dance Your Pants Off, when the words, "Tony Little's Gazelle" have been uttered anywhere near our Ann, she gets a certain look on her face that I would like never to see again. In the interest of Ann and me staying friends forever, let us never speak of this again.

At least not in front of Ann. (Just kidding, Ann.)

March 21, 2008 at 12:05 AM  

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