Saturday, March 8, 2008

'I'm sorry it's so hard for you right now'

That's what I kept saying to my Grandmother today. Over and over. I spent the afternoon with her. She's got the Alzheimer's.

She kept saying, "I'm so confused. I'm so confused!" She cried about being confused for a while and I turned my head so she didn't know I was crying too. She spent our entire time together trying to order her world.

"Did we just see Grandpa?"


"Did I kiss him goodbye?"

Yes. And you held his hand and he told you he loves you and you told him you love him.

"Oh. Okay. I saw Grandpa yesterday."

No, you just saw him today.

"When is he coming home?"

He's coming home on Wednesday.

"Your parents are in Florida, right?"


"Did they drive there?"

No, they flew.

"When are they coming home? Wednesday?"

Yes, Wednesday.

"Aren't they going to be tired from driving."

No, they're flying.

"Oh, that's right. When's Grandpa coming home?"


"Where's my purse?"

You didn't bring it with you.

"Did I bring my purse?"

No, it's at home.

"Where's my coat?"

I hung up your coat on the coat rack.

"Did I hang my coat up?"

No, I hung it up for you.

"Where's my purse?"

It's at home. You don't have your purse today.

"I thought I had my purse here. How am I going to pay?"

I'm paying. You don't have to worry about it.

"Thanks for helping me, Jenny. I really appreciate it. I have to pay you back."

No you don't. Everything is fine. Don't worry about it.

"Don't go getting old, Jenny. It's hard to get old. You just keep forgetting."

I'll try to avoid it if I can.

"Do you have my purse?"

Your purse is at home.

"How did I get here?"

Tesia drove you.

"Where's my car?"

You haven't driven it in a few years and you gave it to Kaelyn.

"Oh, that's right. I miss Grandpa."

I know. It's hard.

"We've been married more than 60 years!"

Yes. That's a long time.

"I was born in 1926. It's two thousand and..."

Eight. It's 2008.

"Am I 62?"

No, you're 82.

"82?! Hm."


"Have I met your friend?"


"Is that his name? Have I met him?"

Yes. Here's a picture of him.

"Oh, Scott! I've met Scott!"


"I was born in 1926. It's two thousand and..."

Eight. It's 2008.

"Gosh, I guess I must be...82?"

Yup, you're 82.

"Does your sister know I'm with you? Does she know to pick me up here?"


"How did I get here?"

Tesia dropped you off to visit Grandpa and I picked you up to take you to lunch.

"Oh, that's right. How am I getting home?"

Tesia knows you're here. Remember we just talked to her on the phone to be sure she knew?

"Did I kiss Grandpa goodbye?"

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Alzheimer's is a terrible disease.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That just breaks my heart. I can't imagine how hard that must be on you. Hopefully she also has some moments of lucidity, but even if not, you are such a good granddaughter for being so patient.

March 10, 2008 at 4:24 PM  

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