Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm officially out of my goddamned mind

Tonight I was crying out loud about my mortgage. Sweet God, I'm a human.

I got a bunch of paperwork in the mail and I didn't understand it. It looked, to my untrained eye, like I was going to have to come up with an additional $2,000 at closing time, which took me by surprise because I went over all of it about a thousand times with the nice lady from the bank because I didn't want surprises.

"I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation," I told myself. It was after business hours, so I decided to call my nice mortgage lady in the morning.

But then I started feeling really anxious, so I called her right away and left a half-frantic message.

Then I started crying out loud, the cry of a panicking person. Then the phone rang. Thank God.

This stuff is so complicated. And I'm a human who is sometimes a moron. It turns out I didn't realized that so-called closing costs include downpayments made in advance of the closing and a few other things, and I didn't understand why line F was being subtracted by line J.

And then I understood it, so we could proceed to the laundromat to wash, dry and fold.

Soon we will be washing, drying and folding in the comfort of our own home.


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Blogger Deb said...

wow! this mortgage lady sounds really attractive! what is her name? is she available? more details please!!!

March 26, 2008 at 9:55 PM  

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