Monday, February 4, 2008

Why you're being made to wait

At first it was because we couldn't find the camera. We had no idea what we'd done with it. We ransacked the place.

The last time I used it, it was when I was downloading our Olympia pictures and posting them on my old blog. When I was done, I left the camera on the table in the office, which is where I thought it still was.

I said to Scott, "Where could we have put the camera? I mean, where could it be?"

He said, "It might be in the closet."

Who puts a camera in a closet? It wasn't in any closet that I'm in charge of.

Anyway, Scott ended up finding it in his bedside table.

Who puts a camera in a bedside table?

So we took some photographs of me in my glasses. Some of them were even hilarious. Then I asked Scott where the little cord for the camera was and he said, "What cord?"

Before I continue, you need to know that I'm in love with Scott. Like, for real. But he's got this situation wherein he's kind of like a squirrel. He takes things and he stows them away, but then he doesn't know where he stowed them away. And he doesn't stow them with things that are anything like the other things they're stowed with. So when Scott took the camera off the table in the office and stowed it in his bedside table, he also took the cord. Where did he put it?

Great question, because he doesn't even remember taking the cord. But surely he did because I left it on the table and it's definitely not there anymore.

So now there are photos on the camera and I have to go and buy a new cord.

Scott's mother and step-father came and stayed with us Saturday night, and in preparation, we did some cleaning. Scott and I are much different cleaners, for sure. I want things to be tidy and for everything to go where it belongs. Scott wants to take everything and put it in a box and then hide the box. It's infuriating. My god. Why not just put all those things where they belong?

Here's an example. I keep all my supplements in a basket in the dining room. Scott keeps his on a shelf in the dining room. My supplements are often not in the basket because I sometimes leave them on the table. Scott's supplements are generally on his shelf. With his parents en route, I took all my supplements and put them in the basket and put the basket out of the way. Scott packed up all his supplements and put them in a box with a bunch of other crap and stowed it all behind the bed in the spare room (where we were sleeping during their visit).

There's nothing unclean about supplements on a shelf. There's no reason to hide supplements. I think Scott's parents are reasonably certain that Scott is fortified with vitamins and minerals, and that many of them come out of bottles.

Eh, whatever.

That we have to squabble over this kind of stupid bullshit is good news, I guess, because we don't have anything more important to fight about.

In other glasses news, I acquired a pair of vintage frames while we were in Olympia back in August. "I acquired a pair of vintage frames," is a polite way of saying, "One of Scott's former ladyfriends acquired a pair of vintage frames through a friend who cleaned out an old person's house and then benevolently gave them to me when I casually said I was looking for either old or old-looking cat-eye glasses frames."

The thing about them is that they were kind of shaped a little funny. Not the actual glasses frames part, but the way the arms hooked on to the frames. It was at a funny angle and I was sure if it would end up working out for me.

I stopped over to the Fairview Eyecare Friday to show them to Jen and find out what the what was. She fooled around with them. By "fooled around with them" I mean that she used important optical equipment to bend them into shape. She fixed them up so that they fit my head just right. So I ordered some new lenses. I should have them in my hands by the end of the week.

So many new glasses. So few photographs!

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