Thursday, January 24, 2008

Years-long search over in five minutes

I have been looking for a new pair of glasses pretty much since I got this pair in April of 2002. I've been actively on the prowl for about three years. I knew what I wanted but I just couldn't find it anywhere.

Jen over at Fairview Eyecare tried to help me (shout out to Jen and my peep Dr. Regonini over there), but we basically got nowhere. She even lent me the actual catalog she orders glasses from for the optical shop part of the office. I went through the whole thing by myself, then Margaret and I went through the whole thing together and we just couldn't find what I was looking for. It was a shame, really.

Every time I pass an optical shop of any kind, I stop in to take a look around filled with hope that I might find my secret fantasy glasses.

Well, it happened, friends. It happened in Cambridge.

We had been passing this optical shop-to-be the last few times we were walking through Harvard Square on our way to the Studio, and for the first time on Saturday we passed it and it was open. I said to Ann, "Do you mind if we go in and just look really quickly?"

So we went in. I found them instantly and began to weep. We were on our way to a show and we didn't have time to get the whole thing going on. I said, "I'll have to come back another day."

The lady said, "Can you spare five minutes?" She couldn't believe I was weeping over glasses.

And it was that fast. I'm going to pick up my new glasses this weekend. I'll post a photo of me in my new specs as soon as I have them.

I'll just say one thing about them to get you ready for them: the only other person I could see in these glasses is Dame Edna. That's how fucking awesome they are.

Wait until you see me!



Blogger Sunni said...

ooh, I'm finally getting a moment to check in and I'm SO glad you now have comments. I'm dizzy with the excitement of regularly communicating with you. Or at least regularly communicating with your blog.

btw, I LOVE my Vera Wangs. I bought them not to replace my Modos, but just b/c I was leaving an old job to take a new and wanted to use up the vision benefit. And now they're my faves. When I even try to put the Modos back on, I look very studious and all "don't mess with me bee-yatch" (which works for me some days) but then I put the Vera Wangs on again and I'm back in love. I'll have to post dual pics to show the difference.

January 24, 2008 at 10:09 PM  

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