Saturday, March 6, 2010

New blog location, y'all

Blogger changed things up and said that after March 26, they weren't going to allow me to FTP my blog to my Web site. So I put aside some time last night to address this. That's when I learned that they changed the date to May 1. I could have waited, but why?

So here's my new blog location. It still looks like it's on my Web site, but it kind of isn't. And I did have to open a help ticket with my site host and everything to make this happen. But I still basically did this myself. I used to work on the Web for a living way back in the day, and I have basically lost those skills from lack of use, so the part where I could still pull it out for this kind of makes me proud.

The end.

Anyway, please change your bookmarks and all that, if you would, so we can all be friends forever.



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