Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Pride Day highlights reel

I didn't realize it was Pride Day today. I was on my way to the farmer's market to procure for our little patch of land a few more herb plants. I remarked to myself, "What's the deal with all these people." Then it slowly dawned on me that it was the first weekend in May, and all these people I'm seeing are gay-gay-gay and that means only one thing: Pride Day. So I decided to stroll around and look for my friends.

One thing that really fills me with untold amounts of joy is seeing my friends by accident. I would find a friend, turn away from them and immediately find another. It was glorious! I was living the dream.

Sure, there were accidental tears. It happens. I'm me after all. And there was a moment when I realized I didn't want to talk to a person just a split second after I shouted the person's name. But other than those small bumps in the road, I had a lovely time.

There were drag queens and men in dresses (and men in dresses who thought they were drag queens). There were friends, there were strangers, there was the person dancing like no one was watching (like the lady from the Green River Festival, only not very graceful). I saw our friend performing in a band. I saw a few people from my day job, which is always refreshing (I mean this without irony, because it truly is refreshing to see your work friends without their robotic career separates). I saw a few neighbors. I saw a few people I recognized from back in the day, but I have no idea where I know them from, or what their names were, so I couldn't even say hello.

I find it comforting to be able to go out and see friends and people that are familiar to me. It makes me feel like I'm in exactly the right place, surrounded by all the people I want to be surrounded by.

I really love Pride Day.

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