Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fame and fortune, fame and fortune: they will be ours someday!

Lookee here.

In the print version (available wherever free newspapers are given away in eastern Massachusetts), they turned the photo of my head into a line drawing that makes me look kind of weird. Who cares! It's free publicity.

Sara Faith Alterman is a big fan of comedy. She was the responsible party back when that little clip of me telling jokes was featured in that larger video about the Studio. I was excited to do the interview. I didn't turn out as funny as I would have liked, but I'm just a human.

Incidentally, I think Shigella is only funny to me and other people who grew up in Springfield. Remember when the Shigella outbreak swept through all the schools? Some people nearly died. Not me or anyone I knew, luckily. The funny part about it is that there were signs all over Springfield Central, my alma mater, about proper hand washing procedures.

My favorite was a crappy drawing of a clown with enormous hands and a stupid smile that said, "Wash your hands so you don't get sick!" I'd almost be willing to pay money to lay eyes upon that clown sign again. Almost. I wish I had had the good sense to rip one down as a memento. Who knew I would be nostalgic for it nigh on these years later?

Shigella causes Shigellosis. Back in the day, we used to make jokes about shigellosis all the time - oh, and we would laugh. I guess it's no laughing matter, what with people nearly dying. But it's still funny to me.

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