Saturday, July 26, 2008


I enjoy a small amount of local fame. It's very small, but it's just enough. Enough not to be allowed to act like an asshole in public.

I was at Wilson's Department Store in Greenfield today. It's the annual tent sale. I picked out a pretty rag rug for the kitchen that was half price - $19.99, regularly $40. The line in the tent was really long though, and totally not moving, so I decided to go into the store to make my purchase there (and - let's not lie - to check out what's going on in the kitchen shop).

(Aside: If you want to shop locally for your kitchen stuff, Wilson's is the place to do it. Tons of free parking and everything you want. Most prices are the same or cheaper than everywhere else. It's a fine option. And it's like stepping back in time to an old-school department store! Bonus: While you're in Greenfield, you can have delicious Korean food at Manna House [better than Korean Resaurant in Hadley and WAY better than Soo Ra in Northampton]. Take a trip!)

While in the kitchen shop, I picked out a few other items to buy, among them a porceline ginger grater, which I'm excited to try out.

After chatting with the fine sales lady about the new Hearthstone Stoneware from Corelle (looks like stoneware, but doesn't chip like stoneware). I plunked my purchases down on the counter to pay. Turns out my rug didn't have a sticker. Big crap. I told them where it was, what it was, how much the sign said it was, etc.

They needed the PLU. Which is fine. It's fine! I asked if they could call someone. They called an unhelpful soul in the tent who was too swamped to help.

The lady said, "Do you want to buy your kitchen items here and then go back out to the tent to purchase the rug out there?"

I replied, "Hell, no, I don't want to do that." I didn't shout or anything. I just said it. I explained that I came in on purpose to avoid the mayhem out there and that because of my avoidance, I was purchasing two additional items. I wasn't going back out there.

Just then, a lady said, "This sounds like Jennifer!"

Aww, fuck.


And maybe I wasn't being an asshole exactly, but I certainly wasn't being as mannerly as I could have been.

She listens to my radio show, loves it, thinks I'm hilarious - all the things that I generally eat like candy. But instead, I was eating it like a heaping helping of humble pie. I tried to smooth things over and all, but I think I might have just looked stupid.

Oh, humanity!

Speaking of fame, did you see me in Thursday's Gazette? It was an action shot of me shouting on the stage. I was disappointed to notice that I look like I have fat lady boobs in the photo, but have come to accept that I am a fat lady with fat lady boobs. I'm sure I could remedy the situation by putting the shoulder straps back on all my brassieres, but facts are facts: I hate shoulder staps on brassieres. They give me a neck/shoulder ache.

Fat lady boobs it is.



Blogger Nancy Natale said...

Hi Jennifer! I didn't notice your boobs in the picture but I did see your face at the top of the Gazette. I wish they had said more about you and your work at Pace - especially Girls, Girls, Girls. I hope you were able to get the rug in the store once they realized you were a celeb. Jennifer Aniston would have been able to, wouldn't she?

July 30, 2008 at 8:06 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Myszkowski said...

I got the rug, no problem. It's in my kitchen now, brightening the place up a bit. I'm reasonably certain it had nothing to with my celebrity and everything to do with my paying money for it.

July 30, 2008 at 9:10 AM  

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