Sunday, December 9, 2007

Starry, starry night

Our friend Mer sent us a link to this page, which was created to help regular people learn to navigate the night sky. The only constellation I've ever been able to identify in the night sky is Orion, mostly because a friend showed me when I was a younger person. Yes, I know, the big dipper, sure. Except when I'm outside looking for it, any arrangement of stars could be the big dipper.

Last summer, Maya, Tesia and I went to the planetarium show at the Children's Museum in West Hartford over the summer and I really wanted a refresher. Perfect!

Speaking of Maya, she turns 10 tomorrow. Where does the time go! Tonight at her birthday dinner, I told her about the day she was born, which I do every year on her birthday, and not a single eye was dry.

Okay, only Tesia and I were crying. Scott was mostly just standing by. Maya was laughing and telling Scott, "See! This happens every year!" as though she were so tired of hearing about how we were so happy to see her into the world.


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